Smart School is a mail order site for schools.

Please leave the choice of school supplies to the smart school!

There is plenty of useful information tailored to classes, events and seasons!

Easy search for what you want to find!

You can receive a bell mark by ordering from the web!

You can also search and order from the digital catalog!

It is also compatible with mobile and can be ordered!

Latest web search

From category search, keyword search, order history, to my catalog function, easy search for what you want to find

You can also search directly from the digital catalog.In addition, even if you do not have a computer or catalog, you can search and order from mobile.

There is a production recipe!

Products that have the "Product Recipe Download" icon on the catalog page have production recipes!

It is possible to download a recipe that will be useful, such as how to make wall decorations and posts.

Quotation issue

You may need to attach a quote to purchase goods.

We will issue a quote for the item you ordered on the web, so you will not have to go through the process of preparing the necessary documents for purchase.

Next day delivery

Items necessary for daily office use will be delivered nationwide on the next day when ordering using the web.

※ Some areas (such as mountain areas and remote islands) will be delivered the next day or later.

※ Orders after 17 o'clock will be delivered the next day.

You will receive a bell mark!

You can choose the payment method.

We cope with cash and credit sales.

Usually, it's also possible to sell it partially, even with cash, so please feel free to contact us.

If you wish to register as a new member, please fill in the required information on the customer registration form and send it by fax to us or attach it to a PDF email.



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