What is a smart office?

Five features of smartoffice

From stationery to food.Delivery of goods and services necessary for the office!

Original products with high cost performance are fulfilling!

Office supplies purchasing support with full-time sales for each customer!

Free diagnosis of purchasing costs for office supplies!

JeSS (JOINTEX e-Switching Service)

Efficient web support with rich web functions!

Order by WEB & FAX

Easy-to-use product search website, easy-to-understand product catalogs, whichever good thing can be used is the smart office's good point!

Orders for consumables that you always use can be sent using a fax-only order sheet, and the product will arrive the next day.

Dedicated sales support

If you have problems with products that are not listed in the catalog or products that are uneasy just by catalogues such as office furniture and office automation equipment, please contact us, who is an office professional, for "troubles" in the office.

We will consider together to be a plus for your company or facility.

Next day delivery

Items necessary for daily office use will be delivered nationwide on the next day when ordering using the web.

※ Some areas (such as mountain areas and remote islands) will be delivered the next day or later.

※ Orders after 17 o'clock will be delivered the next day.

Web order management function

In addition to ordering, various functions are available as standard.

・ Budget management function

・ Order lock function

・ Approval order

・ Expense management settings

・ Point aggregation

If you wish to register as a new member, please fill in the required information on the customer registration form and send it by fax to us or attach it to a PDF email.



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