Membership registration application

Membership registration is required to use the site.

Please fill in the required items in the member registration application and click on Next.

Apply for membership registration

Membership registration application completed

After applying for membership acceptance, the screen for completing membership acceptance application will be displayed.

A temporary registration email will be sent from our company, so please complete this registration from the URL described in the email.

Member Registration

Member Registration Fill out the required items on this registration screen and proceed to the next.

Member registration password setting

Please set an optional password.

Please set with a combination of alphabetic and numeric characters with 6 or more single-byte alphanumeric characters.

An error will occur if you set only letters and numbers.

Membership registration

Please confirm the details entered on the member registration registration confirmation screen and click on registration.


Membership registration Complete registration

Membership registration Completed registration.

Click on the Terms of Use Confirmation button at the bottom of the screen.

Terms of Use Consent Confirmation

Please confirm the terms of use and click the agree button at the bottom of the screen.

Complete new member registration

When the site top screen is displayed, new member registration is completed.

Make sure that your registered name is displayed at the top of the screen, and you can use it.



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